Standard Agents
Microsoft BizTalk monitoring agent
Deploy the agent to every BizTalk application server in your group.
Microsoft SQL monitoring agent
The agent will monitor the instances selected
Microsoft Server monitoring agent
Basic Windows Server monitoring. Included in the BizTalk monitoring agent.
Azure Agents
Azure agent
The Azure agent monitors different Azure services and their metrics
Logic Apps agent
Provides monitoring of Logic Apps workflows
Open Source Agents
Filecount agent
The filecount agent can count messages delivered to any share / folder for correlation of sent / received messages
HTTP endpoint agent
The agent can monitor any HTTP based endpoint for availability. Detects 2xx and other statuses returned
IIS Performance Agent
This agent monitors performance on app pools and sites
.NET SDK for custom agents
Create your own monitoring agent or use SDK functionality in existing code for monitoring.

Souce code for open source agents is published to GitHub