The agent must be installed directly on the Microsoft SQL Servers you want to monitor (no remote connection). The SQL agent will monitor the selected instance on a server.



.NET framework 4.6.1 or higher must be installed.
The agent service account must be a member of the local administrators group
The agent service account must be given "sysadmin" rights on the Microsoft SQL Server.
The agent service account must be granted "logon as a service"
The agent uses ports 80 / 443 (HTTP / HTTPS)

Install Agent

  1. If you have not already created an environment, please see this article before proceeding
  2. Right click the installer and select "run as administrator".
  3. Select the environment the agent should connect to
  4. Have the installer create a new system "create a new system"
  5. Provide SQL instance name, authentication method (Windows / SQL authentication) and the credentials
  6. Provide credentials for the agent service account
  7. Review the summary page.

Once the agent is installed, it will start collecting data at certain pre-configured intervals. The intervals can be completely customized, please see the following article on how to do this.