With traditional performance monitoring for integrations, IT needs to decide which parameters to monitor and manually set thresholds for each one. When the number of parameters rises to the hundreds or even thousands, configuration becomes unmanageable and gaps in coverage grow. Getting meaningful insight and reliable monitoring becomes impossible.

We apply automation, machine learning and transaction tracing to solve this problem. AIMS generates a deep, dynamic 360° map of your entire integration environment and data – including the unknowns

Focused on on-prem, cloud and hybrid integrations

AIMS is built from the ground up to provide deep real-time monitoring – all the way down to tracing individual transactions – of the business-critical processes and transaction flow supported by your BizTalk, SQL, Azure and custom integrations.

Machine learning, fully automated

AIMS uses machine learning to automatically set dynamic thresholds and generate alerts that adapt to your rhythm of business. After installation, AIMS will continuously learn how your system performs on any given day, week, month or year.

Predictive anomaly detection

AIMS can predict anomalies within a single system and across systems. Using AIMS proprietary machine learning algorithms, AIMS detects when behavior is heading out of normal ranges and alerts you earlier – so you can take action to prevent downtime.


AIMS charts and correlates any performance metric across the many applications in your integration environment, helping you slash troubleshooting time and more quickly identify the root cause of performance issues.

Real-time analytics

Drill down into any system, application, component, performance parameter or transaction using AIMS powerful analytics tools. Create integration health reports, identify the root of performance issues, verify SLA requirements, plan for scaling and more.

Versatile reports

With AIMS, you can create custom reports for any environment, system, component, parameter or transaction with complete freedom to combine information from any level. Schedule email reports to be sent to subscribers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Flexible dashboards

Build visual dashboards using ready-made components and customize for all your stakeholder groups – both technical and non-technical. Dashboards are a key tool to ensure system owners, line of business owners and CxOs stay informed and engaged.

Dynamic topographical mapping

AIMS automatically generates a dynamic, 360° topological map of all systems participating in the integration flow. View systems from a bird’s-eye perspective to get a complete overview of your whole integration setup, or drill down to systems and individual components and transactions.


AIMS is cloud-based SaaS software, so you only have to install the necessary agents on the systems you want to monitor. AIMS has a near-zero performance impact on your integrations, and is tested for high-load systems.