The Sunburst diagram shows the components hierarchically monitored by AIMS. The inner circle shows the different types of systems monitored under specific agents. The ring is proportional to the number of systems monitored. The outer circle shows the status of the components. 

The sunburst diagram shows the health status of the component. By this AIMS sunburst diagram, we connect all aspects and levels of the infrastructure (monitored by AIMS) and give a birds-eye view of the health status of applications. Clicking on the various arch in the sunburst diagram, you will see the status of that specific component type. 

Below is the representative view of the Sunburst diagram for a specific system.

The Sunburst chart is very effective and intuitive in showcasing how one ring is broken into its contributing pieces (i.e., sequential segments. The reflection of various color coding (red, green, and amber) and the proportion of each part help focus and analyze which components in the system are unhealthy and need attention.