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SQL agent - Understanding the SQL parameters

AIMS monitors all parameters of your application. Microsoft SQL Server is a crucial component of a Microsoft BizTalk Server environment. The SQL agent is capable of automated monitoring of any SQL server using the same features as seen on the BizTalk agent; deep performance monitoring, self-learning of parameter behavior, and automated anomaly detection. The AIMS Microsoft SQL Server agent monitors 30+ parameters and data within the following main areas:

  • Performance: All Stored Procedures, Databases, Memory usage stats, CPU usage, I/O activities, server wait stats, historical blocking information, missing indexes and more.
  • Health: Logical disk volumes, database parameters (size, distribution, recovery model, log file utilization + +), database sizes, error captures, maintenance plan jobs, scheduled jobs and more.
  • Configuration: OS build settings, SQL server settings and configuration, memory settings, CPU processor/parallelism settings, virtual page size and more.
  • Security: Accounts, remote servers, database and user rights including DBO.

You can chart all parameters provided by the agents connected to AIMS.

Charting parameters

  1. From the AIMS environments page, go to the environment you wish to monitor.
  2. On the top menu, select Analytics and create a new report, or add a new block to an existing one.

  3. On the new report page, select ‘+ block’ to add a new block to the report.
  4. Select ‘Chart’ to start editing the report and use the parameters you wish to explore.
  5. There are two different ways to select the parameters:
  • Select a system before choosing your parameter, allowing you to narrow down the parameter list to system level.
  • Start looking for the parameter you wish to display, by scrolling down the provided list or by typing in the name.

6. After selecting one or more parameter(s) a graphical chart will display the needed information, providing insight into the selected BizTalk parameters.