Setup – Creating an environment

Before an agent can be deployed, one or more environments have to be created in the AIMS graphical user interface. An environment is a logical grouping of connected systems or agents. It can be a physical location, a company, or a logical unit like development / test / production.

When installing an agent, the created environment(s) can be connected to them.

Creating an environment

  1. Go to to get started
  2. Select the + button to create a new environment

The new environments setup screen will appear, stating you are about to create a new environment by configuring the following:

  • Name: Set an environment name.
  • Address: The http(s) address as seen in the browser when accessing the environment. The address is automatically filled in using the environment name. Changing it is allowed, but make sure the address is chosen carefully.
  • Time zone: Select the correct time zone from the drop down list.

After hitting the create button, a popup appears asking ‘Are you sure you want to create the environment’. Once an environment is created, agents can be deployed.

All environment will be displayed on