POST - Create an agent node for the system with the API

Once the system based on the agent definition is registered in AIMS, its time to create the node that contains the properties, stattypes and events we want to monitor. If you try to click the system in the UI before this is done, you will see that there is no actual information ("no nodes") connected yet. The concept is that you can register multiple nodes of the system type within the same system if necessary, it all depends on the structure of what you monitor. In most cases a system will represent a unique application / system / server etc. So for instance for a server, it would be natural to create a single node that contains all the stattypes and events necessary for the monitoring (cpu, memory, I/O, etc)

To register a node for a specific system, we will need to include the system ID (X-System) in the header for the request posted (see the header section in the REST client below).

API to use

"creationTime": "2019-01-01T00:00:00Z",
"modificationTime": "2019-01-01T00:00:00Z",
"name": "CPU monitoring",
"nodeRef": {
"nodeType": "",
"parts": {
"part1": "part1value"
"properties": {
"": "Property1Value"
"status": "aims.core.running"


Once the node is registered, AIMS is ready to accept data from the agent.


Once you successfully have registered the node to the system, you can visit the Topology section in AIMS and expand the system to check the result.