Create and manage users

To create and manage user accounts, click the "gear" icon top right in the AIMS user interface and select "environment users".

To create a user:

  1. Click "create new user"
  2. Provide information on the user under "personal info" such as email address, name, password and if the person should be an AIMS admin (needed to install agents, modify other user accounts)
  3. Make sure you select what kind of notifications the user shall receive under "email notifications". "Warnings" (now renamed to anomalies) allow you to select how critical the detected condition shall be before sending out an anomaly alert. "Node status change" will send an alert if a node changes status (for instance from started to stopped)
  4. If necessary you can define a non-alerting schedule
  5. "Reports" allow you to select created reporting templates that you want to schedule 

To add an existing user to a new environment (if you operate multiple environments):

  1. Click "grant access to an existing user"
  2. Search for and select the existing user account you want to add to the current environment