Azure - send Application Insights data to AIMS

We base this example on a Logic App consisting of three elements:

  1. Recurrence
  2. Application Insights connection & query
  3. HTTP connector that sends the data to AIMS

In step 2 you select the "run analytics query" component as an action, then configure the ID and and API Key that you fetch / create from the selected Application Insights instance. Then you specify the query to get the desired data set.


In step 3 you configure the HTTP connection to AIMS and if you are sending events or statistics. You can read more about how to define your data structure in AIMS here

The Logic App will execute on the schedule you set and query the Application Insights for a selected data set for a selected period. Depending on the result of the query you can choose to send the data as:

  1. Events / text
  2. Numeric data / timeseries

If you are sending multiple statistic types you will need some pre-processing into variables which again can be used in the JSON definition in the HTTP connector.