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AIMS Platform - Install Guide - Telegraf agent

How to connect a Telegraf to DAPI:

  1. Get a utility that can make custom requests to web API. One example is Postman.
  2. Create a Basic authentication token for your AIMS user. This is done by converting a string in this format: "email@address.com:account_password" to Base64, which can be done using a number of online resources, or by executing the following in Dev Console in most browsers: btoa("email@address.com:account_password") (replace email@address.com and account_password with your actual user email and password). Throughout this guide, you'll need to replace strings in angle brackets with corresponding values. Save the resulting token value for later reference as BASIC_AUTH_TOKEN.
  3. In a browser, open the AIMS environment you want to connect Telegraf to and navigate to Configuration -> Agentsin the top-right menu (cog icon).
  4. Find 'Environment API address' and copy the GUID (hexadecimal value with dashes) at the end. E.g. if the address is saying https://api.aimsinnovation.com/api/environments/12345678-abcd-0000-cdef-123456790ab/, the part you want is 12345678-abcd-0000-cdef-123456790ab. This is your environment ID – save it for later reference as ENVIRONMENT_ID.
  5. Create an endpoint. You need to pick a name for the system where the data is going to be shown (save it as SYSTEM_NAME), and then send an API request to https://api.aimsinnovation.com/dapi/v1/config/endpoints with an auth header like this:
    Authorization: Basic <BASIC_AUTH_TOKEN>

    and a payload like this:

    "environmentId": "<ENVIRONMENT_ID>",
    "systemName": "<SYSTEM_NAME>",
    "formatCode": "telegraf"

    Payload should be sent with Content-Type header application/json, which you can specify in the UI of most web API apps. The response will be a JSON object. Copy its "id" value, which is a random 16-character string, e.g. QWERtyui12345678. This is your endpoint token, save it as DAPI_TOKEN.

  6. In Telegraf config, find or add a section for HTTP output. Edit it to look like this:
    url = "https://dapi-eu-n.aimsinnovation.com/endpoints/<DAPI_TOKEN>"
    timeout = "10s"
    method = "POST"
    data_format = "json"
    precision = "1ns"
    json_timestamp_units = "1ns"
    Content-Type = "application/json; charset=utf-8"
  7. In the same config, find section named [agent], and update or create the following value:
      precision = "1ns"
  8. Start Telegraf service.