AIMS Agents - security and controling sensitive data

Some information about how the agent and AIMS SaaS is structured:

  • The AIMS BizTalk agent does not extract or scan any content of the message payload in a BizTalk. The agent only fetches message properties like message ID and statistical information together with eventlog information.
  • Events from the eventlog (application eventlog) are extracted and transferred to the SaaS backend from the Windows Server agent. Events can be filtered or masked using regular expressions if they contain sensitive data. The filters are controlled on the agent in the configuration file.
  • All agents initiate all communication to our SaaS platform using encrypted HTTPS (only need to open FW for outbound communication).
  • On the SaaS platform, each client has their own separate runtime service. 
  • On the SaaS platform, each client has their own separate database.
  • AIMS is a pure monitoring platform, so it is not possible to perform any administrative tasks or actions by using AIMS.
  • Authentication between the agent and the SaaS service is done by username / password, server machine names / applications / systems and general structures monitored.
  • SSL / HTTPS is default between your browser and our SaaS backend.