Activate AIMS plugin for New Relic

You have the option to use AIMS as a plugin to New Relic. AIMS will then integrate total number of messages, delay, number of errors and warnings to New Relic and you can then view this information under the "Plugins" tab of New Relic.

First you will need to configure New Relic with the AIMS plugin which can be found under the "Plugins" tab of your New Relic account. Search for "AIMS BizTalk" to add the AIMS plugin.

Once done, you will need to get your New Relic license key. The New Relic license key can be found under "Account settings" in the New Relic GUI.

Then login to your AIMS account, click the "gear" icon top right and select "Proactivity". Click edit on the "Connect to New Relic" and paste your license key (see screenshot below). You have now successfully connected your AIMS to New Relic. Go back to your New Relic GUI and select "Plugins" to configure your setup.

You can also set alert rules on the AIMS plugin for the different parameters available, see screenshot below.