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AIMS Platform (SaaS) - Install Guide - SNMP

  • This agent can monitor any switch / router that has snmp enabled.
  • It allows for up to 24 ports to be monitored.
  • The zip includes a version that can run on a Raspberry Pi.
Install SNMP packages
  1. run "sudo yum install net-snmp-utils net-snmp"
Register Agent
  1. Login to your AIMS environment where you want to deploy the agent
  2. Go to settings -> agents. Copy the environment id from the environment API address at the bottom into the register-agent.sh
  3. To aquire your token, use basic auth and do a GET to https://api.aimsinnovation.com/api/{your_environment_id}/systems by using a HTTP client. Copy the token from the "Autorization: Basic" section to the register-agent.sh
  4. Select a name for your agent in the register-agent.sh 
  5. Run "bash register-agent.sh"
  6. Make sure to note down the system id returned from the registration
Configure and run agent
  1. Open the "snmp-agent.sh" (if running on a Pi, open "pi-snmp-agent.sh")
  2. Modify the sections "SNMP Variables" and "AIMS Variables" with information found in step "Register Agent"
  3. Register a cron task that runs every minute ("crontab -e"), for instance "* * * * * bash /home/parallels/snmp-agent.sh"
Deployment to multiple switches / routers
  1. Register one agent per switch / router
  2. Create a version of "snmp-agent.sh" per switch / router
  3. Register individual cron jobs for each agent